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The Auburn United Methodist Church offers a full selection of programs & ministries to the people of the community and surrounding area. We enourage all to take full advantage of our facility and offerings that we may minister to your needs. Give us a try!


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Pastor: Brian Caughlan
Phone: 217-438-3126 (Church Office)

Phone: 217-438-6420 (Parsonage)

Church Fax: 217-438-6623
14100 IL RT 4
Auburn, IL 62615

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Activities are geared to each age - from pre-school through seniors. We cover all age groups - so you need not be shy about coming. You will fit right in.

Our church prides itself on being very mission oriented. Each month we pledge to support a new need that presents itself to our mission committee. It could be the kids in our local schools, folks in Kentucky, or people in Africa - the need is always real and we are ready to support these good causes with our time, talent, and money.

It might be United Methodist Women (our oldest women's group) or Quilting Bees or maybe WOW, but they all involve active Methodist women. Oh, and there's Ladies' Night Out - don't want to forget that special night. Come join us, there are lots of activities for the women of our church.

We have guys that fix things in the church, we have guys who sing in the choir, we have guys who play in the bell choir, we have guys who help with the technology department - you know the drill. Our men are involved in every aspect of the church. We want you to come and join us.

With a great retirement home and quality assisted care facility in town, our community has a good base of senior citizens. Just the kind of people you need for great experience in your church. We welcome you and encourage you to contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.

Let's go camping!! For years and years, the youth of our church have received financial support from the congregation through various fundraising methods or giving so that they could attend summer UMC-sponsored camps.

Our students are the greatest!! They learn lots of things in Sunday School as well as in regular school. So we support them in as many ways as we can. We even have our own scholarships we hand out each school year to as many qualifying high school seniors and/or college students as we can manage. Our kids are the greatest!

We have music for all ages - for children and for adults. The children's choir is a great way to grow your talents. For the adults, we have the regular adult choir and the praise harmony choir. In addition, the church also sponsors a bell choir comprised of church members.